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Arvada Mayor's Statement Regarding June 21 Olde Town Shooting

At the June 28 Arvada City Council business meeting, Mayor Marc Williams delivered a statement regarding the June 21 shooting in Olde Town Arvada. A recording of the statement, and the entire meeting, is available on the City’s YouTube channel. A transcription of the statement is below.

“This has been an incredibly tough seven days since what happened last Monday. This week, Arvada has been wounded in its very heart. An individual who had hatred for the police, and for the Arvada Police in particular, set off a horrendous chain of events that has led to three tragedies and adversely affected many people.

This gunman ambushed and murdered Officer Gordon Beesley who was a 19-year veteran of the Arvada Police Department. Gordon was a school resource officer, a former recipient of the Arvada Employee of the Year award, and he was loved by all, especially his wife and two children. They, and all of us, are grieving.

Johnny Hurley was a visitor to Olde Town, who took decisive action to protect others without thought for his own safety. Based on reports, he shot and killed the gunman, which without question save lives of other officers and potentially other citizens in our community. He died a hero, and we will forever call him a hero to our community. Arvada will forever be in his debt, and we offer our thoughts and our prayers to his family, friends and loved ones.

The second tragedy is one we are now dealing with. Because of the CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) investigation that is going on right now, that is being conducted through the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office and the Jeffco District Attorney’s office, we are limited in what we can say at this juncture about the events that transpired after Mr. Hurley courageously shot the gunman. It has been reported, and we know one of Arvada’s police officers shot and killed Mr. Hurley. 

We mourn the death of Mr. Hurley, but we also support our police officers and remain mindful of the challenges and the circumstances they confront in an active shooter situation. They face that potential each and every day, and they are trained to address it.

The third tragedy is for our officers involved in this incident. All of our officers. Not only the officer involved in the shooting, but our entire police force. It’s a family. The anguish our officers are dealing with is unimaginable and will change their lives forever. Our thoughts and prayers are also with our officers and their families as they cope with the aftermath of Monday’s events.

Monday reminds us of how close knit our Arvada community is. The outpouring of support for our police and those most directly affected by these tragedies is heartwarming. We urge those affected to seek help and guidance in the days and weeks to come.

Through it all Arvada is strong. We are resilient. We are hurting, but we will, as we always do, help each other out. We will do our utmost to keep Arvada safe and the special place we call home.”

The statement was followed by a moment of reflection and the Pledge of Allegiance.

To watch the entire City Council meeting, visit