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History Master Plan

In January 2020, City Council identified the need for the development of a history master plan and made it a strategic result. This strategic result focuses on the City's effort to plan for identification and preservation of the City's historical assets. Community awareness, input and feedback will be key to the development of a History Master Plan.

You can view the milestones related to this strategic result on page 15 of the City Council Strategic Plan 2020-2025. 

Historic Panels in Arvada

In response to concerns expressed by our community, the City has removed an interpretive panel from near St. Anne’s Church that conveyed a history of Ku Klux Klan activities in Arvada, including the depiction of a group of Klan members. We appreciate those who voiced concerns and the opportunity to continue efforts to help everyone feel safe and welcome in our public spaces. The City will be reviewing this and other historical information panels throughout Arvada for opportunities to tell our story in an inclusive and respectful manner.