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Sales Tax Filing

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How Do I Get Started?

Access MUNIRevs and apply for an online account. Once your account has been approved, tax returns will be issued to your MUNIRevs Business Center on the first of the month, based on your filing frequency.

What If I Made a Mistake?

If you made a mistake on your return you can correct it until you check out. If you checked out and need to make corrections, please access the MUNIRevs FAQs from your Business Center to find out what is required.

Are You Having Technical Issues?

If you are having technical issues, submission errors or cannot submit your payment, please contact MUNIRevs support at 888-751-1911.

Did Your Company ID Change?

Yes! Please log into your MUNIRevs Business Center and get our new company ID and update the information with your bank before submitting a payment. 

I Have a Debit Block, What is Your ID?

Please log into your MUNIRevs Business Center to get the debit block and be sure to set it up BEFORE attempting payment. If you submit payment before this has been set up your bank will reject the payment.

Can I File Negative Sales or Use Tax?

No, MUNIRevs will not allow you to file a tax form where you are owed money. You will need to fill out a General Refund Claim form and send it to us for review. Once it has been reviewed and approved we can put a credit on your account or submit your request for a refund.

I am an Occasional Filer or Special Event, How Do I File and Pay Online?

If you are an occasional filer or have participated in a special event and have tax to remit to Arvada, please apply for an account using MUNIRevs and notate that you need a tax return. In the future you can continue to use this account but you will need to contact Revenue for them to add a tax return to your account. Please be sure to have your account number ready when you contact them.

How Do I Pay?

We accept all payment types including e-check, credit card and ACH credit payments. If you need electronic payment details, please reference the FAQs from your MUNIRevs Business Center and submit the form for access.

How Much Does it Cost?

Online filing is free. We allow e-check and credit card payments up to $600,000. E-check payments are free and credit card payments are assessed a 2.39% fee, with a $1.50 minimum, which is paid to the payment processing company. Please contact your personal bank for ACH and electronic payment charges.

Contact Information

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