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Department Directory

If you know which department you would like to contact, please see the directory below. To reach City Hall during normal business hours dial (720) 898-7000. You can submit an online request using Ask Arvada.

Name Services Director Phone
Arvada City Hall Please see departmental services.   720-898-7000
City Manager Lorie Gillis 720-898-7500
Community and Economic Development Ryan Stachelski 720-898-7435
Finance Bryan Archer 720-898-7120
Human Resources Gabriella Bommer 720-898-7555
Information Technology Please see the main Department page Craig Poley 720-898-7894
Judicial (Municipal Court) 720-898-7150
Legal (City Attorney's Office) Rachel Morris 720-898-7180
Public Safety (Police) Link Strate 720-898-6650
Public Works Jacqueline Rhoades 720-898-7600
Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) Maureen Phair 720-898-7060
Utilities Sharon Israel 720-898-7760
Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods & Parks, Golf and Hospitality Enessa Janes 720-898-7400