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Citizens Capital Improvement Plan Committee 2014-15

The 2014-15 Citizens Capital Improvement Plan Committee completed their project in May 2015. The following is a synopsis of their mission, process and results. 


The mission of the Citizens’ Capital Improvement Project Committee (CCIPC) will be to recommend a prioritized list of capital projects to the City Council. The Committee will use the adopted Comprehensive Plan, Council Strategic Plan and Departmental Strategic Business Plans to develop the prioritized list. Council will work to approve projects and allocate resources that will support a safe, vibrant, secure and sound community. This committee will also review the current ten-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and recommend projects and needs not currently contained in the CIP and propose strategies to fund those recommendations. This will be a comprehensive look at both new strategic projects and major capital maintenance needs.

CCIPC Website and Discussion Forum

In order to facilitate online communications, the City of Arvada established a Google Site and Google Group. During the CCIPC process, active CCIPC members may use online forums to discuss topics. Members of the public may review all comments within the discussions.  Visit the CCIPC website on Google.



CCIPC Meeting Agendas

CCIPC Meeting Summaries

Additional Capital Improvement Resources

CCIPC Final Report