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Wild Arvada: Resident Photo Contest

The photo contest has ended. The team will be determining which photos will be featured in the Arvada Report and which will be featured on our social media platforms. All participants will be notified by mid-December. We received more than 120 beautiful Wild Arvada photos. Thanks to all who participated!

Arvada is a beautiful suburban area with a 3,400 acre system of parks, open spaces and trails weaved through and around it. These parks, open spaces and trails add an element of the wild and wildlife to our community, neighborhoods and sometimes to our own backyards!

Photo Contest

Do you see the wild and/or wildlife in Arvada? If so, share your best photograph that demonstrates “Wild Arvada” to our photo contest. Wild Arvada can mean many different things: a shot of the animals or birds we share open spaces with, a walk on a favorite trail, or a perfect Colorado sunset. It can be as broad as a mountain vista or as specific as a hummingbird. 

Winning photographs will be published in the Feb/March 2023 Arvada Report. Top photographs that don’t make it into print will be shared on City social media in February and March 2023. 

Photo Use Conditions

Participants in the contest agree to the following release: By submitting a photo to Arvada for the "Wild Arvada" contest, you grant the City of Arvada the right to use the submitted image in conjunction with your name for any informational presentation, print collateral and promotions, social media and websites, and informational/educational media without any form of compensation or royalties.  You further guarantee you have adequate rights in the photo to grant to the City of Arvada and that the photo has not been improperly obtained. 


Questions about the photo contest? Email