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Transient Merchants and Entertainment

Transient Merchant permits are required for certain types of vendors, merchants, and/or entertainers operating in specific places. Examples include food carts, portrait artists, balloon salespeople, musical performers, and jugglers. Transient Merchant permits are required for a range of activities across many zoning districts. For a comprehensive list of vendor types requiring a Transient Merchant permit, please see  Transient Merchants and Entertainment in the Land Development Code.

Are There Exceptions?

There are some temporary vendor activities that do not require a Transient Merchant permit. Examples include:

  • Businesses having sidewalk or similar outdoor sales adjacent to their business. These require Temporary Outdoor Sales permits.
  • Special Events including Olde Town Events, Race Events, Public Park Events, and more. These require Special Events permits.
  • Individuals selling newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, bumper stickers, or buttons.


Please call 720-898-7435 for further information about Transient Merchant permits.