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Water Conservation

The efficient use of water helps to ensure the city will have an adequate water supply for its residents. Water conservation programs are designed to change water use behavior, introduce improved water fixtures and achieve water savings both short term and long term.

Standard Conservation Methods

Arvada employs many standard conservation methods including:

  • Universal metering: All water customers (including City buildings and parks) are required to have water meters to measure the amount of water that is being used. Knowing how much water is being used, and paying for that water, enables customers to make an informed decision on their water use. 
  • Rate Structure: increasing block rates: All customers (including City buildings and parks) pay for the water that they use. The increasing block structure increases the cost of water as more is consumed.
  • Maintaining the distribution system to reduce losses: This program replaces worn out infrastructure and prevent unexpected breaks and leaks which waste drinking water.
  • System-wide leak detection program: Periodically older sections of the distribution system are monitored to determine if otherwise undetectable leaks have occurred.

Water Conservation Education and Programs

Arvada offers the following programs to help educate residents about water conservation and to encourage water conservation methods:

Learn More About Water Conservation

WaterSense, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is both a label for water-efficient products and a resource for helping you save water.

Visit EPA Watersense