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Arvada Community Survey

After a pause in 2021 due to the pandemic, the City has launched the 2022 community survey. For the first time, all residents are invited to directly participate in this very important project!

What Is the Community Survey?

Every other year since 1997, the City has conducted the Arvada Community Survey, which functions as a consumer report card by providing residents the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with their quality of life, community amenities and local government. The survey gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback to the City government on what they believe is working well and what is not, and to communicate their priorities regarding community planning and resource allocation. The survey invites your opinions about how the City uses tax dollars, how safe you feel in the City and your neighborhood, and how you perceive Arvada as a place to live, among a number of other areas of interest. This information is critical to the City’s understanding of the current and future needs of Arvada residents, like you.

2022 Survey Details

  • The independent research firm – Probolsky Research – is conducting the community survey.
  • Everyone in the community is invited to participate.
  • The survey is available in Spanish and English.
  • The survey is confidential.
  • Your response to every question is very important to us.

Take Our Survey




If you prefer to take the survey via telephone or to request an accessible version, please call 888-304-4945. If you have questions about the survey, call 720-898-7500.