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Post Office Mural Updated
Explore / Culture and Community / Arts and Culture

In July 2022, the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission (AACC) opened a call for entry seeking Colorado artists interested in completing a mural on a concrete retaining wall adjacent to the Allison Street US Post Office (5885 Allison St., Arvada, CO). After a competitive selection...

Snow and Ice Control  Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Street Services

Image for Snow and Ice Control 
Please visit the Urgent Events page for information during a winter storm. The City of Arvada's Snow and Ice control policy is to plow and apply de-icing material to  arterial and collector streets on a priority basis. Priority 1 (Red Routes) streets are arterial streets, essential...

Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Maintenance Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Street Services

The City's ordinance municode Sec. 94-68 places responsibility for curb, gutter and sidewalk maintenance on the property owner. Concrete must be repaired or replaced in accordance with the City's ordinance.  Concrete Replacement  The City of Arvada is reviewing our...

Lakecrest Park Playground Renovation Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Park Renovation Updates

The Lakecrest Park Playground is closed to the public. We understand the frustration this has caused, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work with our project partners to make sure the playground meets our strict safety standards. For your safety, please do not access...

Street and Sidewalk Sweeping  Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Street Services

Image for Street and Sidewalk Sweeping 
Please do not rake or blow leaves and/or grass into the street. It is against  municipal code Sec. 94-6 to do so. Often times, trash and damaging debris end up hidden in leaf piles, and when a sweeper is damaged, the amount of sweeping we can achieve is reduced. The street...

Arvada Center Updated
Explore / Culture and Community / Arvada Center

Image for Arvada Center
Since its opening in 1976, the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities has grown to become one of the nation's largest multidisciplinary arts centers, devoted to all aspects of the arts and generously supported in part by the City of Arvada, the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District...

Post Office Mural - Call for Entry Updated
Explore / Culture and Community / Arts and Culture

Image for Post Office Mural -  Call for Entry
Post Office Mural Project Overview The City of Arvada’s Arts and Culture Commission (AACC) is seeking qualifications from visual artists currently living in Colorado to design and paint a mural on a City-owned site. The site is near Arvada’s City Hall. It leads up to Arvada's...

Olde Town Transit Hub Updated
Explore / Olde Town Arvada / Parking in Olde Town

The Olde Town Hub is located at 7510 Grandview Ave. The Hub has a total of 600 parking spaces shared between RTD passengers and visitors to Olde Town. You can enter the Hub from Vance Street and from Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. If you are visiting Olde Town, there are...

Public Art Updated
Explore / Culture and Community / Arts and Culture

The City of Arvada owns hundreds of pieces of art.  One of the main responsibilities of the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission is to catalog and maintain these pieces so that they may be enjoyed long into the future.  The Commission will also be exploring ways to expand the City's...

Trees Across Arvada Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Urban Forestry (Trees)

Image for Trees Across Arvada
Please note: the following trees are  SOLD OUT: Sentry Linden, Tulip trees, Redbuds, Norwegian Maples and Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry. Want to beautify your yard, add tree diversity and reduce your summer utility bill by increasing the shade on your home? Trees Across...