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100 Years of Arvada Parks

100 Years of Parks

In 1919, 100 years ago, Mrs. Clemency McIlvoy deeded her home and the three acres that surround it to the Town of Arvada with the understanding that it would become our first park, now McIlvoy Park (5750 Upham Street). This was an early contribution to what has been sustained community support of outdoor spaces as cultural, recreational and civic centers.100 year parks logo

Arvada Parks Today

Since Mrs. McIlvoy’s gift, the City’s park system has grown to include regional, community, neighborhood, and urban parks. There are special purpose parks, like the Arvada Skate Park, that are top venue destinations and nationally recognized. Arvada historic sites, such as Gold Strike Park, Moore Farm, and Churches Ranch, preserve the mining, farming and ranching heritage that helped settle Colorado’s Front Range. The system also includes sports recreational facilities, the largest of which are the Harold D. Lutz and Stenger Sports Complexes.


Arvada Parks Inventory

Park Type


Regional Parks


Community Parks


Neighborhood Parks

86 (89 including planned parks)

Urban Parks


Special Purpose Parks


Historic Sites


Sports Complexes



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