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Pets and Wildlife

Do you need to license your pet, need tips on living near Colorado’s wildlife, or want to know about the rules of pet ownership? We want to help you stay informed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Animal Management at 720-898-6850.

For Pet Guardians

Arvada Animal Rules and Regulations

Did you know that your pup is required to have a rabies vaccination? Or that there are limits on how many animals you can have in your house? It is important to know the rules and regulations of pet ownership.

Pet Safety

Providing animals with proper care is essential for their health and well-being. In Colorado, winter pet safety is especially important. Dogs can lose their scent in the snow. Kitties that are outdoors might take shelter under the hood of your car. Knowing how to protect the paws in your family and neighborhood is an important part of pet safety.

Pet Licenses

Residents of Arvada are required to license dogs annually. You can license your dog easily at Foothills Animal Shelter or any police station in Arvada. Ready to license your dog? Check out pet and dog licenses.

For All Residents

Living with Wildlife

From rattle snakes to rabbits, a range of wildlife lives in Arvada. Animal-proofing your home and being aware of feeding rules is important for the health and safety of you and our natural neighbors. Explore Living with Wildlife for more information.