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Neighbors Connected

The Neighbors Connected program is currently paused. Thank you for your energies to get to know your neighbors. Please check back later. For any questions, email

Why Is the Program Paused?

Initially, the Neighbors Connected Program was modified in the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic. Once restrictions lifted in the spring of 2021, the goal was to resume the program and restore its amenities; however, we have kept the program paused to re-evaluate the program/program amenities and explore ways to improve them. Look for engagement opportunities in the future to help us improve the program for you and your neighborhood! Thank you!

What is Neighbors Connected?

Neighbors Connected is the City’s neighborhood engagement platform designed to connect City of Arvada residents with resources and opportunities that will help them develop sustainable neighborhood groups and strengthen their own communities. Neighborhoods enrolled in the Neighbors Connected Program will have access to all our neighborhood incentives including:

Program Goals

  • Promote the development of sustainable neighborhood groups
  • Build strong neighborhood connections
  • Provide amenities (trailer, movies, grants) to neighborhoods enrolled in the Neighbors Connected Program.

Tips for Forming a New Group



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