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Community-Based Policing

The Arvada Police Department has been practicing a Sector Based policing strategy since 2014 with the opening of our first community station. The City is divided into four sectors: Adam, the northeast corner of Arvada; Baker, the southeast corner; Charlie, the southwest section; and Delta, our newest sector, in the northwest portion of the City. Each sector, minus Baker, which is located at City Hall, has a free-standing community station building where officers deploy out of and has community rooms available to the citizens, free of charge, to use for meetings or gatherings. 

The purpose of sector policing is to have the same officers deploy out of the same station and get to know the businesses and the residents within their assigned area. This way, officers are familiar with the sector specific crime patterns and are able to directly address each problem, individually. Each sector has a Commander assigned to it and they are as follows:

Adam Sector- Commander Bob Vander Veen,  Visit: Adam Sector

Baker Sector- Commander Betsy Westbrook,   Visit: Baker Sector

Charlie Sector- Commander Ron Avila,             Visit: Charlie Sector

Delta Sector- Commander Mark Nazaryk,         Visit: Delta Sector

In addition to our sector-based policing strategy, Arvada PD has practiced community-based policing, well before it was a common practice or desired strategy among law enforcement agencies. Arvada PD believes in fostering strong relationships between our community and our police officers in order to help build an open relationship where citizens feel comfortable reporting crimes and having positive interactions with our officers. Community policing models are highly desired in areas where there is a broken relationship between a police department and their community where trust has been broken or never really present. Arvada PD prides itself on the outpouring of support we see during nation-wide events that either paint police in a negative light or events that show just how difficult of a job this truly is.