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Sector Policing 

The Arvada Police Department embraces sector policing, where officers are an integral part of the community they serve. This makes the department more fluid, collaborative, networked and responsive to the community.

Find Your Community Station

In Arvada, community stations serve each of our four sectors. Visit Police Sectors to locate your community station and policing sector. 

Sector Policing Model

Under this model, Arvada police officers are assigned to, and responsible for, specific areas of the City.  This type of deployment results in a higher quality of police service because officers are intimately familiar with their assigned sectors and with the citizens who live there.

Arvada currently has four sectors operating out of four stations:  

  • Lake Arbor substation serving Adam Sector
  • Headquarters at City Hall serving Baker Sector
  • West Woods substation serving Charlie Sector
  • Whisper Creek serving Delta Sector

The sector policing model capitalizes on:

  • the knowledge, skills and abilities of its police force;
  • the collaborative efforts of neighborhood revitalization groups and other organized efforts such as Neighbors Connected, Building Blocks and The Art of Neighboring;
  • the development of closer relationships with law-abiding community members, businesses, and members of the faith-based community; and,
  • leveraging programs such as Crime-Free Multi-housing, School Resource Officers and the Community Response Impact Team.