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Report a Crime or File a Police Report

STOP - Do not proceed if this is an emergency

Online reporting is NOT MONITORED 24/7.

Do NOT submit crimes in progress or emergencies using any of the available forms.

  • EMERGENCY - If you are experiencing a safety, medical, or other emergency, dial 911 on your phone. If you cannot speak to a dispatcher, you may be able to text 911.  
  • NON-EMERGENCY - For non-emergency public safety issues, call 720-898-6900.

Report Non-Emergency Crimes


You may complete a report online if (and only if):

  •   There is no suspect information (excluding auto accidents)
  •   The crime is non-emergency and NOT violent
  •   Crime is NOT in progress
  •   Crime happened more than 30 minutes ago

Do NOT report:

  •   Stolen License Plate
  •   Stolen Vehicles
  •   Stolen Weapons, Guns, Ammunition, etc.

Theft of these items should be reported immediately to 720-898-6900

Auto Accident

Non-Emergency Crimes

  •   Criminal Mischief/Vandalism
  •   Defacing Property/Graffiti 
  •   Fraud
  •   Garage Burglary
  •   Identity Theft 
  •   Supplemental Report
  •   Theft
  •   Theft from Vehicle

 Report Non-Emergency Crimes to the Arvada PD



 Report Non-Emergency Incidents to Jeffcom Dispatch Communications Center


In Person

Visit your local Arvada Police Department sector to report a crime in person. If you're not sure where your sector, explore a map and contact details at Police Sectors in Arvada.

Report a crime in person if:

  •   Runaways/Missing Persons
  • Filing of missing persons or runaway reports is done on a case-by-case basis. Runaway and missing persons reports must be made at the Arvada Police Department or one of our Community Stations. There is no waiting period mandated for reporting a missing person or runaway. However, all attempts should be made to locate the missing person or runaway prior to making a police report. Please bring a current photograph of the person when you file the report. For further information, call 720-898-6900.
  •   Found Property

Submit a Crime Tip

If you want to remain anonymous and have information about a crime to share, Submit a Crime Tip online. If you want to submit a tip about a crime in progress, call 720-898-6900.

Misc. Crimes

Parking Violations

Parking Enforcement is a shared responsibility between LAZ Parking and the Arvada Police Department. 

  • For parking complaints in and around Olde Town Arvada, please contact LAZ Parking or 720-364-8587
  • For ongoing issues with permit restriction violations related to city parks and schools, please contact LAZ Parking or 720-364-8587. 
  • For parking permits visit City Parking Permits
  • For urgent parking concerns (blocking a driveway/roadway/fire hydrant), contact the Arvada Police Department at 720-898-6900

Unemployment Fraud

There is an active, large scale fraud operation involving the Colorado unemployment benefits program occurring. You may receive notification indicating that someone has filed a claim in your name. You might actually receive a US Bank debit card in the mail. This scheme is looking to defraud the unemployment system. The only time you need to make a local police report would be if one of these agencies asks for a case number. Local police agencies have limited resources when it comes to large scale scams. If you receive a US Bank card in the mail, do not activate it. If someone calls you in reference to the card do not give out any information.

Please contact the following to make a report. 

  • Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • The three credit agencies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion

Internet Fraud

The Arvada Police Department investigates some Internet cases that allege criminal intent. However, the Arvada Police Department will not investigate complaints that allege inferior quality, merchant issues or cases that do not meet theft statute requirements. The Arvada Police Department will screen each complaint on a case-by-case basis. The decision to prosecute is solely that of the District Attorney's Office.

Crime not listed?

For all emergencies, dial 911. For all other inquiries, call720-898-6900 or visit your local community station.

The Arvada Police Department's online reporting service is provided for your convenience to report non-emergency crimes or incidents that have occurred within the City limits of Arvada with no suspect information. This report is for your information or insurance purposes only. If a case number is assigned, it will be provided within three days via e-mail, or by Postal Service if an e-mail address is not available. A Police Services Technician may call you if more information is required.