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Whisper Creek Community Station

The Arvada Police Department's community station, Whisper Creek, is located at 14360 W. 89th Drive.

Serving the Delta Sector

The Whisper Creek Station serves the Delta Sector--the northwest end of the community. The Arvada Police Department embraces sector policing, as it makes the department more fluid, collaborative, networked and responsive to the community. Under this model, Arvada police officers are assigned to, and responsible for, specific areas of the City and become uniquely familiar with the sector itself and with the citizens who live there.

Gold Certification

The Arvada Police Department is pleased to announce this community station has met the specifications required to be “Gold” certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and are awaiting the certification process to be completed.

LEED certification is based on the following criteria:

  • Location and Transportation - proximity to mass transit
  • Materials and Resources - use locally sourced, sustainable products
  • Water Efficiency - reduce potable water usage
  • Energy and Atmosphere - improve energy performance and indoor air quality
  • Sustainable Sites - utilize nearby natural resources and ecosystems that can naturally take part of the design, minimizing environmental pollution
  • Regional Priority Credits - address a particular concern that is specific to a location
  • Innovation - any idea not covered under the main LEED areas 

The benefits of LEED certification include reduced energy and water usage, reduced maintenance and operation costs, reduced construction waste during the building process, and reduced liability. LEED certification also means the building can provide increased indoor air quality and its construction promoted the use of recycled material.

As always, please remember, for all emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergency police matters, please dial 720-898-6900.