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Access Arvada - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Program Information

We are committed to ensuring the City's services, facilities and other infrastructure is inclusive and accessible to everyone. Access Arvada is our ongoing campaign to evaluate the City’s progress in meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and to identify and prioritize our next steps. And we are required by law to keep making progress.

Program Milestones

  •  Self Assessment
    • As part of Access Arvada, the City has performed a review of compliance with the ADA for resources like City facilities, parks, right-of-way, and on the City’s website and other communications.
  •  Draft ADA Transition Plan
    • Develop a list of opportunities to improve accessibility and creating an action plan, including an ADA Transition Plan, to schedule ongoing work.
  •  Public Comment Period
  •  Council Presentation
    • The team will present the prioritized ADA Transition Plan to City Council. The team presented to City Council on April 12, 2021. Watch a recording of the presentation on YouTube. 
  •  Implement the Plan (current milestone)
    • The City team will work to complete the ADA Transition Plan and we will share periodic updates with residents. 

Resources and Documents

Contact Information

Residents may contact the City to ask questions about the ADA Transition Plan, report an observation or file a grievance. The grievance process is outlined in City of Arvada Policy No. 6300.08.


Phone: 720-898-7611