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Ralston Raw Water Pump Station

What's Happening Now 

This project is now complete. 

In October 2021, the Ralston Reservoir will be taken offline and drained for a period of approximately 9 months by Denver Water to perform maintenance activities to the reservoir. The Ralston Reservoir is currently the only source of water to the City of Arvada’s Ralston Water Treatment Plant (WTP). To prevent disruption of service, an alternative water source must be available to be treated by the Ralston WTP by September 2021. The Ralston Raw Water Pump Station and Pipeline Project will provide a new 12 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) pump station and pipeline to convey raw water from the Arvada/Blunn Reservoir to the Ralston WTP during the Ralston Reservoir shutdown period. In the long term, the new pump station and pipeline will allow for operational flexibility between Arvada’s two water treatment plants after Ralston Reservoir is back online. 

The new raw water pump station will be located at the west side the existing Arvada WTP site. The pipeline will run from the Arvada WTP south on the access road to the WTP and west along West 64th Parkway / 66th Avenue and terminating at the Ralston WTP. The pipeline is anticipated to be constructed in the access road to the Arvada WTP and along the north side of West 64th Parkway / 66th Avenue.

Map of Raw Water Pump Station work area