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Traffic Signal Rebuilds

What’s Happening

Project 1

The traffic signals at W. 58th Avenue/Ralston Road and Independence Street and W. 86th Pkwy. and Kipling Street will be rebuilt as part of the City’s HSIP 1 Traffic Signal Rebuild Project.

Project 2

The traffic signals at W 58th Ave & Kipling Pkwy will be rebuilt as part of the City’s HSIP 2 Traffic Signal Rebuild Project.

The new traffic signal will:

  • Implement radar detection technology to replace the camera detection that is currently in use at the 58th Ave/Ralston Rd & Independence St Intersection and the inductive loop detection in use at 86th Pkwy & Kipling St.
  • Provide more accurate detection, especially in cases of low light/inclement weather.
  • Help serve motorists in a more timely manner through better detection.
  • Add CCTV cameras at these intersections and connect them to the City’s Fiber Network so that in the future, Arvada Traffic Engineering will be able to monitor and make adjustments to Signal Timing in real time.

Also included in this project is the rebuild of the curb ramps on these corners to accommodate ADA specifications. This will also address the locations of the pedestrian push buttons.

Lastly, this project will provide an aesthetics upgrade in that all poles and mast arms, signal heads, and pedestrian signal heads will be replaced with new equipment. Currently, the signal heads on the South leg of 58th Ave/Ralston Rd & Independence St will replace the span wire with a mast arm to match the rest of the intersection.

What to Expect

Construction activities will primarily take place off the roadway. No closures are planned, but during construction, there may be some lane restrictions and increased delays. Please use caution when traveling through the work zone. 


Project 1 began in June 2022 and is on track to be completed in approximately 90 working days, or mid-October. 

Project 2 is expected to begin October 3, 2022 and will last approximately 90 working days. 

Weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause delays to these schedules.


Trandon L. Struck, Traffic Engineer II, Department of Public Works,  720- 898-7750