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Arvada K - 8 Learning Garden

What is a Learning Garden?

The learning garden is a partnership between schools and community organizations to teach students gardening skills and provide nutritional instruction.

How is it Funded, and Who are the Partners?

Through a partnership made possible with grant money from Livewell Colorado, the City of Arvada and the non-profit organization the Community Kitchen joined with Arvada K - 8 students to build a learning garden. Students, City staff and staff from the Community Kitchen planted gardens at Arvada K - 8 to provide an outdoor learning classroom where students will gain hands-on knowledge and experience gardening, and will learn about nutrition and teamwork.

About the Grant

The Livewell grant was awarded to the City in 2016 to begin work on a Community Food Assessment to determine areas of Arvada most in need of greater access to fresh, healthy foods. As a result of the Food Assessment, grant money was then awarded to the Arvada K- 8 Learning Garden and the Veggie Van projects.


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