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Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Arvada City Hall

Employees and residents who drive electric vehicles now have another option for charging their car—on the north side of Arvada City Hall (8101 Ralston Road).

The Denver metro region continues to lack geographically dispersed charging points for electric vehicles as well as the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Because conventionally-fueled vehicles can produce high levels of pollution, incentivizing the use of electric vehicles is one step towards improving the region’s air quality, and having easy access to recharging stations is an important element. 

The City of Arvada’s charging station is conveniently located near Memorial Park and is available to all.  The station, manufactured by Lilypad EV, can charge two cars at the same time and is available 24/7 for $1 per hour. 

The station was made possible through a grant from Charge Ahead Colorado—a joint program between the Regional Air Quality Council and Colorado Energy Office to reduce harmful air pollutants and encourage the diversification of the State of Colorado’s transportation fuels mix. The program provides information on and financial support for electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).  For more information, visit

Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Arvada City Hall