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Water and Sewer Lines: Do They Need Insurance?

You may have recently received a direct mail solicitation from one of the various companies offering Water and/or Sewer Service Line Insurance Coverage. Understandably, these letters have sparked a number of calls from concerned citizens with questions ranging from what are the customer's responsibility for service lines to what is the likelihood of a service line failing.

While the City of Arvada cannot advise anyone on the need for this insurance coverage, we do offer the following information to help interested citizens assess if the cost of the premium is a good investment:

Water Service Lines (From Water Meter Building)

The property owner of a building is responsible for the water service line and the water line throughout the home starting with the water meter pit. In some older sections of town, where the meter is located inside the home, the owner’s responsibility starts at the curb stop or property line. Most water service lines are heavier gauge copper, with a life expectancy of at least 75 years.  Plastic pipe was allowed for a few years in the mid-1970s and a few hundred homes may have a plastic water service line. City staff has not found a performance difference between the plastic and copper materials.

Sewer Service Lines (From Sewer Main Building)

The sanitary sewer service line is also the responsibility of the owner. This includes the portion of the service line under the sidewalk and street. The most common problem with a sewer service line is a build-up of grease or the intrusion of roots.  If you sometimes experience a backup in your sewer service line, a routine maintenance program may be beneficial to prevent an unexpected backup problem.

Always read and understand a contract before signing. There may be exclusions which limit the types of repairs or the dollar amount for repairs.